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"I am glad I found you. I have never felt more comfortable with anyone doing this kind of thing… I have been told my son is with me before, but I havent felt that they could actually see him. But when you said what you did, my heart just broke. I never cry in front of others, but it felt true in my heart and was nice to get an actual connection."


"I wanted to thank you for guiding me into the right direction to find happiness with work, health and love.  My new man finally found me.  Without you I wouldn’t have pushed through the bad cycle I was in to take a chance and change my current path in life.  I am full of confidence and optimism now and look forward to what the future holds.  I am with my perfect partner and he is exactly how you described – he would be the James Bond type lol.


"When I first saw Alicia I was worried about what she would say, would it be right, can she really see our loved ones. But as soon as I saw her, she made me feel comfortable.  What she told me about my husband was spot on.  She told me things only me and my husband would know, that’s how I knew she was the real deal.  She is amazing, she told me my husband is always with me and never leaves me. She gives me hope and strength to keep going and he is always here supporting me.  I highly recommend her to anyone, she is an amazing lady and extremely good at helping you to see your loved ones, to let you feel their love once more ."


Thank you so much, I hovered around you all day, one lady took her name off the list and I almost knocked everybody over getting mine on there knowing that I wouldn’t be there at that time but I want my name on there anyway, then every ten min something said - go check the list.... I was exhausted and only wanted to know Jayde is ok, her ashes at home are making me very depressed as I feel she needs to be free, but making a decision was overwhelming me, how can you think about your child in ashes form in a jar, and once they’re gone????... I kept saying to my friends just 10 min, I only have 1 question, then we can go, but for some reason I need to speak to that lady.... 10min...not only did you answer my question, which makes perfect sense, she walked there every day when she was sick, I know she is definitely near me, I will never question that again, once they’re gone so are all your hopes and dreams. My heart feels so much lighter knowing she is close to me, and I can’t thank you enough...Jayde will be so happy with you, you made her mum smile, cant wait to see you again..........THANK YOU


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