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I am a Psychic and a Medium. I communicate with the living souls already in your life, your deceased loved ones  and your future lovers and babies... I can also see your spiritual guides and your star families...  

Your future career...  your future home... your pets in spirit!

My journey started in energy healing, my empathic abilities helping me understand your pain and the new direction you need to take for a happier life. It would have been fabulous just to work with that, but Spirit have firmly guided me to help others through my voice...through the moment!!!

I love meeting your loved ones in spirit, and they certainly love the opportunity to communicate with you!

Its incredible to chat with the children you have lost in pregnancy, they cheekily bring life and adventure into your homes as they rile up their sisters and wonder your households are so busy! 

My personal soul work is in understanding unconditional love, which allows me to see your future relationships, to share beautiful insights and deep soul understanding...

My work is always surprising and certainly always a beautiful, uplifting experience.

I look forward to seeing for you... 

Alicia xo

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