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Australian Psychic
PRIVATE READINGS - Currently Unavailable due to Touring Schedule!!!                     


SORRY! I'm USUALLY available for private readings at my home studio in Thirroul or through Facebook Video Messenger, FaceTime and Skype. As long as you can see me it all works beautifully!

Sessions are 30 mins $200, 45 mins $300 and 60 mins $400.

I'm only available outside of tour dates and I'm usually on Sydney time! 

I'm not available for private sessions on tour, every bit of my energy is reserved for the shared group events.

Book Reading Here - releases bookings 21 days before the available date.

I love to chat with your loved ones that have passed, your future lovers, your future babies, your miscarried babies, we can confirm whether you need IVF or if you should be a little more patient! They all have a lot to talk about and it certainly brings peace of mind while you relax and let things happen naturally, knowing that everything is always working out for you.  We can look at your work, the work you are supposed to be doing, your super powers, where you are living and moving too! I can help with court cases, bringing in abundance, health scans and healing. I can recommend crystals and essences, to accelerate your abilities, heal your body and protect you from the people around you.

Email sessions are not available...I don't like typing!!! 

Australian Psychic

My book "It's All About Love!" is now available.  It tells my personal journey and provides ongoing support for the work that I do. It is a compilation of my experience as a Psychic Medium in discovering my ability, my beautiful client stories, how I see and chat with your lost loved ones, your babies and your future lovers!  The powerful messages they share for healing and guidance.

To Buy Your Copy for $25      Click Here to Go To Paypal

Wollongong Psychic


I am also touring Australia, New Zealand and soon the UK with mediumship events, where I work with the beautiful souls moving around the audience and share their cheeky stories and loving messages. They are in your homes and know what you are up to! We meet future lovers and some of the babies coming into your lives... 

I take time in the break to recommend crystals that will help you live your best life!

It is an absolute honour to meet your loved ones in spirit and to help them to help you!

Upcoming Events

Psychic Wollongong

In a reading, spirit often show me the flowers or crystals required to assist the healing of bodily ailments and emotional issues. I like to provide ongoing support for my clients in the form of liquid essences. A private session is a great time to remove baggage from your past and to move you forward quickly in living your best life yet! 

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