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On Tour!
I Can't Wait to Meet You! 

 Your Loved Ones In Spirit are so Excited to Share with You!

Lost Loved Ones

I SEE and TALK to the loved ones you think that you have lost...!  They move lovingly around you, they are still involved in your lives.  They celebrate your joys and your children...they don't miss out on anything!  We don't die...we just transition back into our faster form, I want you to remember how you can feel their love and presence.

I See & Talk to Your Future Lovers

I can see how you will meet, when they hope to be coming into your life...and which one of your soul mates  you will choose to marry!  They want to talk to you, they give you clear messages of how they already support and love you.  It's DELICIOUS work and I LOVE sharing this with you!

I Can See & Talk to Your Future Babies

I can talk to your future children and I watch them interact with the right partner for you!  They are already moving around you, snuggling into you, playing in your shoes and makeup!  Your babies are beautifully truthful about you, your relationships and when they will be ready to join you.


I work from my home studio in the beautiful seaside village of Thirroul in Australia. My city Wollongong, is just 40 minutes south of Sydney.  I am married with two kids. I love frangipanis, tropical gardening, family dinners, 80s music, beach walks and hot salt baths!

I was a swimming pool and landscape designer for twelve years before spirit woke me up and shifted me quickly into this field. I didn't believe in this sort of thing and I was determined to create my own destiny. I have learnt that our own soul and loved ones in spirit want to guide and help us live our best life possible. That we are not in control and the best way to live life is to surrender to what may be and to wake up everyday and expect the magic! 

 I love watching your lost loved ones moving lovingly around you, the cheeky things they say and the beautiful effort they make to reach out and comfort you. I love seeing and talking to your future lovers, feeling the intensity of the overwhelming love you share...and you are already energetically comforting each other! I love chatting with your future children, they are so protective of you...they choose you, and are already hanging out with you!

I never know whats going to happen, but they never let me down and Its always very exciting!!!

Contact Me

10 Surfers Parade, 

Thirroul  NSW  2515


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