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Online Private Readings Available Now 

 I am so excited to SEE what is coming up for you!

Lost Loved Ones


I SEE and TALK to the loved ones you think that you have lost...!  They move lovingly around you, they are still involved in your lives.  They celebrate your joys and your children...they don't miss out on anything!  We don't die...we just transition back into our faster form, I want you to remember how you can feel their love and presence.

I See & Talk to Your Future Lovers


I can see how you will meet, when they hope to be coming into your life...and which one of your soul mates  you will choose to marry!  They want to talk to you, they give you clear messages of how they already support and love you.  It's DELICIOUS work and I LOVE sharing this with you!

I Can See & Talk to Your Future Babies

I can talk to your future children and I watch them interact with the right partner for you!  They are already moving around you, snuggling into you, playing in your shoes and makeup!  Your babies are beautifully truthful about you, your relationships and when they will be ready to join you.


© Alicia Bickett Australian Psychic Medium